Dare To Be Overwhelmed…By Yourself

The way to go…the road to take…the right path…on and on I could go with “cliches” on setting goals and working toward them. Yes, setting goals is vital to any success, personal or business. I’m a huge advocate of affimation and believing in what you want in order to achieve it. But just as important is how you plan on getting there. Strategy! Strategically arranging the journey. The strategy you choose should be as bold as this picture of the Laurel Mountains in California. Striking, brilliant, challlenging, daring, even overwhelming! Correct strategy will harness you, capture you to finish.

Success is a big word. The correct definition is up to you. Others may try to lay it out for you, but only YOU can do this. The first step in any strategy is YOU deciding what success is. Then, step two, what is the “end” you want to see? How will the story end. Step three, what will come in the middle?

Learn the process of setting a strategy for yourself. Do research to know options. Fit choices to your own personality. Create challenges that stretch who and what you have been and are. Seek counsel through coaches, mentors and

friends. Visualize each step before taking it. But most of all, DO! Don’t just plan! Take action on what you decide to do. Allow failure along with learning.

Every person you know that has achieved what they have set out to achieve had a Strategy. A well planned strategy. Don’t take another step without doing the same. Dare to be overwhelmed…By YOURSELF.


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