Evaluate Your Time

It is amazing how we work so hard, busy..busy..busy! And yet we get nowhere. At least not financially. Sometimes it seems I am a hamster on a wheel, going round and round. Never stopping to get a drink..just round and round.

Now and then I stop to see what I am actually accomplishing. Am I spending all of my time in volunteer work, on face book or the internet “researching”? I have the same hours in a day as you, but don’t use them in a smart manner.

What are your time wasters? Either eliminate them or cut them back to a more regulated time frame. Being  productive to a monetary end takes more planning, scheduling and ACTION than we allow. Action time should be during your peak brain time…when you are at your best. Is that morning, mid day, evening. Then, when you are not at your best, check the email and do your social media. Save the BEST for PRODUCTION.

Step back..Evaluate..Make any necessary changes..Move Forward


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