What You Know Changes

“The acquisition of knowledge doesn’t mean you’re growing. 

 Growing happens when what you know changes how you live.”

We continually put new information into our heads. Knowledge is money..we learn that young as business professionals. But what do you do with that knowledge? Recently I was in a class, soaking up new information. The instructor said something profound! “When you leave here, sit down with your notes..go over each one..extract what you can USE in your life TODAY!  and…USE IT!” Now that may not sound profound to you, but it struck me right in the face. How many times had I read a new self-help book, listened to a Pod Cast, attended a seminar or workshop, taken pages of notes just to throw it in the backseat of my car (yes, it is very scary there!) and never looked at them again? I would think, “I’ll remember what I NEED to..the points that really mattered to me”. But the truth is ‘out of site-out of mind’. I honestly use only what I DO remember, which is at the most 10%.

Now you won’t ever use 100%, probably not even 50%. But taking the time to review the knowledge you do have, whether written or in your head, can lead to amazing changes in your life. And YOU taking the action is the “game changer”.

Recently a client told me she was taking advantage of every opportunity that came her way. I was very pleased with this statement because most of the time we do not even look at the doors placed before us. We are too busy watching for the door WE THINK should be there, not the ones we have actually asked for. So that was a huge stride in the right direction. But I want to propose another option…YOU CREATE the  DOOR!

Understanding the knowledge we currently hold along with our Vision and Desire will CREATE an opportunity. Completely ours..create, birth, grow, nurture and own the result. No longer sitting back waiting for others to create…we control the blessed event.

So set aside some “thinking time” to explore what you already know. Allow yourself to be the creator of the opportunity. Not only is it the most rewarding event you will have experienced in a long time, it is the most successful.


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