A Year Of Looking Back and Learning

A year ago I started on a journey of success. I had spent seven months losing almost 80 pounds. The “losing” trip was difficult but I knew the “keeping it off” trip would even be harder. Yesterday at an Easter gathering a dear friend asked me how long I had kept my weight off, “364 Days longer than I normally do” was my response. Every single diet I have ever done..EVERY SINGLE ONE.. I started gaining the weight back the day after I quit the diet. Whether I had been on it one week and lost three pounds or seven months and lost seventy (which BTW I have done before).

But this time I did something different, something I had never done before..when I began the losing part … I started planning for the “keeping it off” from the beginning. For once I thought through what I was going to do. I found a diet plan I could stay with..one that made sense to me. (IDEAL PROTEIN became my new love!) I found people that had succeeded to talk to and others who genuinely cared about me succeeding. Then I did a magical step (not really but for some reason it had never crossed my mind before)…I asked the “how” question first. “HOW” was I going to keep it off?? What did this program offer me in the way of Maintenance. And I wasn’t going to wait for the answer .. I wanted to know upfront what would make it work.

For me Ideal Protein was the answer, for you it may be something else. But what I’m so excited to share is that over the last year I have been questioning every day!  ” What did I do today that made me succeed in keeping the 90 pounds (that is where I ended up) off?”  I have come up with several “realities” of maintaining good health that I want to share with you over the next few weeks and months. My hope is that it will help you too. If you are on a weight loss journey being able to keep off every single pound you lose would be a success story. Whether it is one pound or one hundred. Small wins add up to big wins. You need to live and breathe success in your health journey in order to know the ‘how’.

The picture today is one of my favorite of me and my sweet niece Kim.  This was taken at the beach the July before I started my diet on September 1, 2010. I can remember thinking I didn’t look ‘too bad’. But also remembering the horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that said I was fooling only myself. It was about this time that I started considering what I could do to finally make this work.

Would you also share with us here on my blog? Tell us what you have done, how your diet program, exercise regimen, those that support you, books..whatever has helped you—-share with us.Together we are better.


2 thoughts on “A Year Of Looking Back and Learning

  1. In December of 2009 I was sitting in the middle of a blue diamond ski run at Snowmass crying tears that froze to my face. I wasn’t injured and nobody in my family had fallen and gotten hurt, I had just fallen for the fourth time that day and simply coyld not get back up because of my weight. I was watching my family ski ahead of and away from me knowing that for about the 4th time that day that they were going to have to stop at the bottom of the run and stand their waiting and waiting for me to take my skis off, shift to my knees, pull myself up, shake the snow off my boots and somehow get my skis back on that really just wanted to slide down the mountain without me, like a pack horse weary from carrying far too heavy a load. Only this time my muscles were compleyely spent. My legs were shaking so much I could barely control them. I was done for the day and it was only about an hour into ski time. I just slid on my bottom down the run with skis in tow. My sweet husband, Alan, sent the our 3 boys down with some friends and somehow coaxed me back onto my skis and slowly guided me to a slopeside restaurant about half way down the mountain. The whole way there I was in mortal fear or really hurting myself. Once there, I talked him into going on without me. “I will enjoy this spot!” I told him, “I can just relax with a hot drink and when you guys ski by I will be able to watch and wave!”. Inside I was dying. That’s not what I wanted! I did not want to ruin the trip for him and my boys. I sat there and watched him ski away and then totally broke down. “How did I get here?” I thought to myself. There I was alone and missing out on my life. I could see myself in my mind, skiing along carefree beside them, smiling and laughing, and I knew that somehow I had to find my way out if this foreign body and back to me. That was at 216 lbs.

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