Ideal Protein..Excellence

The summer between my Freshman and Sophomore year in high school I started putting on extra pounds. From that time on (which was about 40 years ago) I was on a roller coaster ride. The “popular” diet in High School guessed it..starve! So I would not eat, go days and then feel horrible and then eat and then starve and then..well you get the picture. Of course no results of any kind. I might lose three or four pounds but then gain four or five. And this continued until the fall of 2010.

In the summer of 2010 I was feeling horrible…physically and mentally. My weight had soared to over 200 pounds. My body ached, I popped three BP pills a day, my skin was pasty, dry and old, and there were many other issues I really don’t think you want to hear about. Mentally I had lost my self esteem and most of all I had lost the self confidence I had always taken pride in.  I knew I NEEDED to lose weight. But that was the same old dilema..those words of “have to” “should” “needed to” ! They weren’t the words that were going to take me to a healthy end. They are forceful words..words a teacher or mother might use when you would do it “just because I said so”. Never really produced results of excellence with me or anyone else.  But I am a Coach…I knew I would need the “WANT TO”. My own inner desire of ‘wanting’ to succeed.  Also I had never succeeded at keeping the weight off. My track record was perfect-perfectly failing (sorry, I know that is bad grammar).

So, instead of rushing into a new fad diet to try and lose something fast and easy, I spent a couple of months exploring HOW I would keep weight off IF I chose to lose it. This is major my friends! The part about “If I chose to”. I knew my reasons for losing had to be from my heart and not just the mirror.  Where do you begin the ‘how’? By asking questions. I noticed people around me that had lost weight and were losing weight. I started asking them what program they were on and what was the MAINTENANCE program for them. Honestly, most people never get to maintenance so they have no clue. But those that did and knew I asked a million questions.

I began noticing a  friend of mine at church, Jason O’Neal. (This picture is of Jason, his wife Heather and their daughter Harley) As long as I had known him he had been a “large” man (sorry Jason, don’t know exactly how to say that). But he was shrinking! And fast! So I stopped him one Sunday morning and asked him how he was losing. His answer (which turned out to be my new best friend) “Ideal Protein”. He explained just a little about the program. As soon as he said “I buy their  product and have three times a day” I turned him off. I had NEVER wanted to do what I considered a restricted program. I wanted freedom..freedom to make my own choices about what went into my mouth. Freedom to stay fat if I wanted without anyone telling me there was a better way. Really, that is what it turned out to be. So I walked away thinking that was not for me.

But weeks passed and he kept losing! So, again, I asked questions. But this time I asked his wife Heather (always ask the  wife..Ha!) She gave me a very lengthy explanation of what Ideal Protein (IP) was about. NOT what he ate! Who Ideal Protein was and how they had laid out Jason’s success from the beginning..including a Maintenance plan! Now THAT got my attention. I had seen other friends around my hometown losing and knew others were following the IP protocol. I went to them and asked questions. I finally made the call one day to the IP clinic and talked to Marcy Davis, IP Coach. I’m telling you bells went off…LOUD bells. I KNEW I had found the program for me. Why? Because they would talk maintenance with me.

On September 1, 2010 I began my journey of excellence with  Ideal Protein! I sit here on April 19, 2012 ninety pounds lighter. Even though that is amazing in itself that I would lose 90 pounds the truly amazing part is I have had it off for a YEAR! It took me seven months to lose eighty of those pounds and then while proceeding through the different phases of maintenance I lost ten more.

So can I say I finally found the “SECRET” to weight loss and maintenance (didn’t take too long..only 40 years)? I can and will!! The great part…IT’S NO SECRET!! Ideal Protein is the most effective natural weight loss product on the market today. It IS the product that produced the weight loss and body size/shape I have never in my life had. And it is the program which, among hundreds I know about, has shown me the “HOW” of keeping my weight under my own management!

I love IP so much I have become a Regional Development Consultant for the company. My passion is to create excellence in life for others! And Ideal Protein produces excellence of an all-encompassing proportion.


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