Good Decision..Bad Decision

Have you ever made a major decision that you thought was a good one at the time only to very quickly see it wasn’t? We all have. This picture is of carpet in a very popular hotel. I’m thinking an extremely talented decorative team picked this pattern thinking it would be bright and energizing to the groups meeting daily. But reality? Too too Busy!! It distracts the business at hand. The bold yellow pattern pulls your eye constantly to the floor. And after five hours in a meeting all you see is the floor! Not very conducive to the business at hand.

How do you make the decision that is glued to thousands of square feet for twenty years? By sitting in the seat that others will occupy and look around. Step away from yourself, sit in the other seat and look at what will happen. No one knows the future but you can place all the components around you and view possibilities. Touch each one..explore..ask questions.. Find answers.. Then make that very educated decision. Will they always be the best one? Of course not. But more often than not it will be the better choice.



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