Precision and Order

Precision and Order…it comes in many formats and means different things to different people. Take this picture for instance. I was privileged to spend time last week with the Utah Association of REALTORS on the annual ‘Bike Ride’ to raise awareness and money for the REALTOR RPAC. On the morning that over 20 Bikes and 80 Bikers and Drivers left Salt Lake City an escort of SLC Police came to see us out of town safely. It was indeed a unique display of discipline and precision. They drove into the parking lot with precise movements…same speed, distance between bikes, riding with duplicate posture…then parked, one by one, in this amazing array of order. They came off their bikes together, placed their helmets on the bike and walked away in unison. Now that my friend was precision and order.

And then there is me! I’m about as far from precision and order as you can get. This is a picture of the space beside my bed.(Yes, that is an Easter Egg Pail) My husband calls it “the archeological dig”! I used to say I knew exactly what was there and had no intentions of worrying about it because it worked for me. Don’t tell him, but that isn’t true. I have no earthly idea what is there! Every trip I take to a REALTOR meeting or function the suitcase and purse get purged right here, and the pile grows. Every day when I come home in the evening the shoes come off, the work clothes are changed and..yes you goes right here! There is absolutely no order or display of discipline to me when it comes to my AD (archeological dig) condition.

I once read that the table beside your bed is a reflection of the order in your life. When I read this I looked over at my table and almost started crying. At that moment I thought, “I gotta’ clean this up!”. I immediately starting digging through my AD to find my self-help book on “Getting Yourself Organized in a Day”..I knew it was there somewhere and knew I’d better get things in order. But as I searched through the stack I realized this wasn’t all bad. It may not have been in “SLC Police Order” but it WAS ME! I picked item after item up, remembering what I was doing, who I was with..laughing, crying***Remembering! And then I just laid it all back down. Yes I through the trash away! But I didn’t try to change my life by becoming something I wasn’t.

Any good coach, including myself :-),  will tell you we need order and organization. It clears the ‘cloud’ and helps us get more accomplished. But trying to conform to what others say we should be just so it will look like you have it all together isn’t what makes you more productive. Who YOU are- What  YOU want to do- What  YOUR goals or visions are—- All done within the talents you already possess.  I have found we succeed within ourselves…not someone elses self. That is why I continually say, “Know who you are and live within that!”


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